Order Your Santa Suit

Where Santa orders his suitsYou will have a great time and bring a smile to all the kids in these Santa suits!

Get a professional feeling Santa suit without the professional cost. As close to professional as you can get without having a custom made professional suit.

Practically every person has dreamed at one time or another of what it would be like to be Santa Claus. Think about it. To be adored by children (and some adults) all over the world, bringing joy everywhere you go…how awesome would that be? And don’t forget that little perk of having access to any toy you ever wanted right there in your very own workshop, not to mention unlimited hot cocoa, endless Christmas cookies, that awesome flying sleigh and your own personal army of elves. While there is only one Santa, you can experience some of the benefits of Santa-dom this holiday season.

Donning a Santa costume is just plain fun, but owning one of these favorite Christmas costumes also opens the door to opportunities for making some extra money for the holidays. Naturally, there are “mall Santa” positions to be filled, but that’s just the beginning. Companies and event planners hire people to play Santa at holiday parties and events. There may be openings for the role of Santa in a local parade, tree lighting or other public holiday function.

Professional Santa suits are easy to find, and they come in a variety of popular styles. Of course there’s the very recognizable bright red Santa suit complete with white trim and black boots/belt. Additionally, and for a little creative flair, there are also many Old-World and Victorian style Santa suits from which to choose. The more “Santa-like” the suit, the more opportunities you will have to make some extra cash this holiday season.

Fun at Home for the Holidays
While the appeal of making some extra money for Christmas may be very appealing, professional Santa costumes and Mrs Santa Claus costumes are great to have on hand just for fun as well. They can be worn at holiday parties at the office or with friends, or at family Christmas gatherings to bring an added sense of “jolly” to the Christmas season, wherever you go.